Beautiful Seville

I've just landed back home after a wonderful week of holiday in Southern Spain. Andalusia is a beautiful region to discover, here you can view an example, have a look at our pictures from Seville, you will fall in love with this city!
Pictures from Seville in Flickr

Upcoming events in Spain

ummer is right around the corner, in Spain kids will soon finish school and its's time to think of travel and holiday. There are also important events, fiestas and celebrations that will take place during the next months in Spain, here is a summary of some events you may be interested in if you travel to Spain.

San Fermin
A popular Spanish song reminds everyone of the date of the San Fermin celebration in Pamplona:

Uno de enero, dos de febrero, tres de marzo, cuatro de abril, cinco de mayo, seis de junio,
siete de julio San Fermin,
A Pamplona hemos de ir, con una boina, con una boina,
a Pamplona hemos de ir, con una bota y un calcetín.

The running the bulls in Pamplona is an extremelly popular fiesta, especially among foreigners visiting Spain, and you can hear Spaniards complaining every year about how irresponsible tourists are running in front of the bulls without any preparation or knowledge of the city and the event, something that is important, to avoid being hit by the bulls.

San Fermín celebrations will take place in Pamplona on July the 7th and during all that week in July. Be ready to find thousands and thousands of tourists and youngster from all over Spain who gather in Pamplona every year for the event. Remember to take with you a white tee-shirt and a red scarf around the neck, everyone will be wearing that! And be ready to drink a lot of wine!

Gay Pride day in Madrid
The gay pride will be celebrated in Madrid during the last week of june, it is not one the most traditional fiestas but it will surely be a fiesta worth seeing, more information about this event visit the Europride 2007 website

Corpus Christi
This is a celebration of religious origin. June the 12th will be a holiday in many Spanish cities.
There will be many other celebrations taking place in Spain so we'll keep an eye on what's going on.

Ready to explore Andalusia

I am preparing to travel to the South of Spain. The last week has been pretty cold and cloudy in Spain, but it seems that the good weather is back this weekend, and I am ready to try the famous beaches of Andalusia.
I'll be travelling to Seville and Malaga next week. I hope to visit the famous Nerja, my friends have told me that it's beautiful but I haven't been there yet. We'll be gathering some useful information fot the Tour Spain Travel Guides website too.
Our first stop in the Andalusia tour will be Seville, which is the capital of the region and the largest city in Andalusia, from there we will be travelling to the city of Malaga, famous beach resort of the South of Spain, and then finally to the coast of Nerja and Torrox. We'll keep you updated with the best places sto visit, we'll be posting photos and more information soon.