Beautiful Seville

I've just landed back home after a wonderful week of holiday in Southern Spain. Andalusia is a beautiful region to discover, here you can view an example, have a look at our pictures from Seville, you will fall in love with this city!
Pictures from Seville in Flickr


ReiseW├╝rmchen said...


I really like your blog.
I have my own Barcelona Blog in German.

Would you like to do some link exchange with me?
Please put a link to my blog on your site

Titel: Barcelona - immer eine Reise wert
Descrition: Information about holidays and longer stays in Barcelona (German)

Thanks for a reply as a commentary on my blog

The Emirati Explorer said...

I spent last Christmas in Seville and I loved it so much, can't wait to go back.
Great pictures! Thank you for the post!