Easter Procession in Salamanca

In Spain Easter is lived in a very religious way. During the Easter days you will see Processions in the streets of most Spanish cities, you may find them a bit strange at the beginning but Processions are really an important part of the Spanish culture.
Here is a video of one of the first processions of 2007. The Christ of Forgiveness Procession in Salamanca which took place this evening, and here it is, straight from the streets of Salamanca.


Anonymous said...

Great video. I remember stopping over in Salamanca on the way back to the UK from Puerto Duquesa. A beautiful city with a very special atmosphere. Hope to go back one day.

puerto duquesa, costa del sol, spain

ef said...

Hi Chris,
Thanks for your comment, I'm glad you liked the video. The truth is that foreigners find these Semana Santa processions a bit weird, specially when they see "cofrades" dressed up with the conical "hats", they really look scary.