Miss Spain 2007

the new Mis Spain 2007 was chosen last night. The winner of the competition to officially become Spain's most beautiful woman was Miss Guipuzcoa, Natalia Zabala. The two finalists were Adriana Reverón, Miss Tenerife and Nerea Arce, Miss Bizcaia.

I was watching the competition last night on the TV and I must admit that my favourite was Miss Tenerife, but any of the 12 finalist was worth the title.

If you are wondering what the Spanish "misses" look like, have a look at this page with the pictures of all the candidates to Miss Spain 2007

Spanish fiestas and celebrations

Spring begins tomorrow and in Spain it's time for Fiestas and Celebrations.

Yesterday the Fallas were buried in Valencia. An amazing tradition worth seeing if you're in Spain and even worth the trip to Spain itself.

are the most important celebration in Valencia, they take place in March 19th. Huge paper and cardboard statues are build every year showing the most current events in Spain that year, everything from politics to gossip from the tabloids is critizised and made public in this huge statues which are burnt on March 19th, in a celebration of fire and purification.

Semana Santa is on the corner, celebrations begining in two weeks in most cities of Spain, and in contrast with this religious celebration, Sevilla's Feria de Abril will be starting also in April 24th. Enjoy the Spanish celebrations!