Just back from holiday in Tenerife!

Waoo, it’s been a great week down south in the Canary Islands. I travelled to wonderful Tenerife to find some warm weather in Autumn, and I can say that after one week in Tenerife I am really tan :D

Beach in Tenerife South Tenerife helds nice temperatures all through the year, specially in the South of the island. It is called the “Island of contrasts” they told me, because you can find many different types of landscapes and climates, since the center of the island is occupied by the gigant Teide vulcano, the highest peak in Spain, and the rest of the island boasts beautiful beaches.

Now, about the beaches, most are very peculiar because their sand is black instead of golden. Apparently this is due to the kind of stone that you find in a volcanic island like this. Nothing to worry about though, the beaches are great nevertheless and the vulcano is not going to blow while you are there! :) I’ll tell you more details about this trip in the next posts, but now, in case anyone planning to travel to Tenerife is reading me… I have to tell you that I was a bit disapointed by the hotel I stayed in. I’ve been already there a couple of times, and stayed in different hotels, all of which where great (4 stars I chose) but this time although I booked a 4-star of a well-know hotel chain, the hotel was quite bad, specially the room, really small, incorfotable and not too clean, so please, be careful if you are looking for a hotel in the South and you come across this “Hesperia Troya Hotel” I stayed in, it is dreadful, you better choose another one.

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